Ashley Comeau is an award-winning actor and has been teaching improv and acting for over 17 years. She began with coaching her high school’s improv team (post graduating) for their Canadian Improv Games competitions. She then taught with the Second City’s Education Company and for Second City Corporate Works. Ashley has taught at many festivals around the world including; Slapdash (UK), Big Improv Festival (Spain), Improvfest Ireland (Ireland), private coachings in Germany, aboard a cruise ship for The Second City, Camp Improv Utopia East (USA), and most recently in Cape Town for the Mama City Improv Festival, Africa’s first international improv festival - which Ashley also co-founded! She has directed Theatresports for Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto, taught levels A-E and the Conservatory for the Second City Training Centre where she was also the 'Head of the Improv Program'. Most recently, she taught a lecture on 'Kindness in Improv' for the virtual world on the renowned The Improv Place. She specializes in improv for beginners, womxnprov, acting and coaching advanced teams and casts. Ashley is also a corporate communications facilitator. She has worked with such clients ranging from; PWC, IBM, MNP, Husky Energy to the Youth Media Alliance Awards. Check out her course offerings below!



*custom workshops, corporate workshops and coachings are available upon request


Many people think that improv MUST BE FUNNY. With Drama-prov you are inspired to create grounded, rich characters through everyday narratives without the burden of trying to be funny. We use the art of improv to create amazing, intricate stories and flesh out honest ideas. Just because it is dramatic, doesn't mean it's not good improv - and as it turns out, sometimes the most dramatic situations are also the most hilarious.

Length: 3 Hours-12 hours

Student Cap: 12

Difficulty: All Levels Welcome.


Secrets and Lies

You’re funny…Now what? This workshop explores layering scenes through subtext and subtle emotional choices. Through secrets and lies we will help you sharpen your acting chops. This is a crash course in the commitment to subtlety. And a refresher on commitment to your scene partner, your stage and yourself. This is an improv-based acting bootcamp. Served with a side of tough love.

Length: 4 hours-12 hours

Student Cap: 12

Difficulty: Advanced


Out of Character

Get there with Gandhi, Dick around with Dickens, Become your Aunt Bertha! This workshop explores impression and imprinting-based character development. For those of you who are tired of playing characters that are too close to your own fine self, this workshop helps you get out of your comfort zone and make bigger, bolder choices with your characters. Through a myriad of techniques we will help you discover characters that you can add to your improv arsenal. We help you merge your performance style with brand new, unforgettable characters.

Length: 3 Hours

Student Cap: 12

Difficulty: Moderate-Advanced


Speak Up!

The best comedy is about saying something while making people laugh. This course focuses on satire and digging deep to find out what your character has opinions on. This is a class about finding your character’s point of view and using it to build relationships, conflict, and story. Government got you mad? Can’t stand cat videos? Think Bieber is the best? Speak up about it! And bring your characters to life.

Length: 3 Hours

Student Cap: 12

Difficulty: Advanced Only


All the Feels

Get out of your head and into your heart! Every day we feel hundreds of complex emotions - they guide our decision-making and determine how we treat each other. If emotions guide our real-life choices, why shouldn’t they guide our improv choices as well? This workshop focuses on using emotional offers to advance stories and raise the stakes. Once more, with feelings!

Length: 3 Hours-12 hours

Student Cap: 12

Difficulty: All Levels Welcome


Intro to Improvisation

This course is for people who are brand new to the art of improv or for people who are just starting out or for advanced players who just need a refresher. We tackle the basics and through Yes Anding, Listening and narrative, we help you start your improv journey!

Length: 3 Hours - 24 hours

Student Cap: 12

Difficulty: Beginners Welcome


Short Form Intensive

Gameprov is fun, it's fast, furious and full of hilarious structure. In this short form intensive, we make sure you know the rules of the games, how to play them effectively and how to intro them! This crash course in Theatresports gets right down to the nitty gritty of the game! Up your game(prov!)

Length: 4 Hours - 40 hours

Student Cap: 10

Difficulty: Must have some improv experience. Recommended Advanced to Expert.


Long Form Narrative Intensive

So you know how to play the game, now what? Learn how to perform a cohesive, funny and emotionally grounded narrative to captivate audiences. We really hit home the arts of storytelling all the while incorporating intense stagecraft to up your improv ante. 

Length: 4 Hours - 30 hours

Student Cap: 10-12

Difficulty: Advanced Improvisers only.

Womxn In the Workplace - Corporate Workshop

*Bookable through Norman Howard


Despite being 50% of the workforce womxn are still often overworked, overlooked and underappreciated. 


The goals of the ‘Womxn in the Workplace’ workshop are to highlight the ways in which female-identifying persons can empower themselves in male-identifying dominated workplaces. 


Through communication, collaboration, storytelling and play, we examine key issues that womxn face at work and equip participants with tools on how to navigate those issues in a constructive way. Exercises will highlight how to recognize when you are being muted, how to stand up for yourself and how to actively support other womxn too. This workshop takes a standard corporate improv lesson plan and ups the game a little bit, empowering womxn with tools on how to teach people to be flexible to our needs in the workplace. 


For the management in the room, hopefully it will open your eyes to some of the issues that your female-identifying employees experience through humour and vulnerability.


We aren’t going to fix all of the issues in the workplace with one workshop, but we are here to deconstruct how we can look at certain issues and we are going to have a little fun in the process! 


Ashley Comeau and Karen Parker have a combined two decades of corporate facilitation experience. In that time we have taught hundreds of successful improv workshops and want to shift our teachings to helping womxn of all intersectionalities stand up to corporate microaggressions. 


Since Canadian womxn make 51-75 cents to a Canadian man’s dollar, 25% percent of earnings from this workshop will be donated to a local women’s workplace charity of your choosing. Norman Howard is an inclusive company that champions eradicating the wage gap and supporting women’s voices.


Duration: 3 hours - 2 days (12 hours)

Experience Level: Beginner *This workshop can be augmented to fit your company's needs.